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  1. IRELANDS ALL STARS BUSINESS AWARDS The worlds smartest smart bunker

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    Business All Stars Picture Conor McCabe

    AWARDS don’t get any better than this. The worlds smartest smart bunker. IRELANDS ALL STARS BUSINESS AWARDS 
    We have been awarded the coveted Business All-Star One To Watch Accreditation. It is an independently verified standard mark for businesses based on rigorous selection criteria. #businessallstars 
    @BizAllStarsThe Smart Bunker has successfully navigated 3 rounds of auditing which proved their performance, trust and customercentricity. 
    The auditing process has left us in no doubt as to The Smart Bunker’s suitability for Business AllStar accreditation and their inclusion in The Register of Irish Business Excellence (TRIBE). 
    The SmartBunker is a simple solution to an age-old problem of handling and storage.
    1. ANIMAL FEED/FOOD PRODUCTS – kept clean, dry and in good, safe conditions – extend the use-by date; protecting animals & people who eat them.
    2. WOOD PELLETS & COAL – kept dry to ensure full fuel value, protect burners/stoves/flue liners and prevent emissions
    3. ICE TREATMENT PRODUCTS – kept where needed, safe and secure, with extended life in storage – protect people and property
    4. NO SHOVEL REQUIRED! – materials kept at perfect height for loading and discharge, child’s play to manage heavy materials, tiny footprint of c.6 square feet/0.6m2
    More information on website 
  2. 30 reasons to invest into a smart bunker

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    Animal Feed Storage Bin 1

    The Smart Hopper Feed storage Bin ensures that you don’t end up with stale, damp feed as with most traditional methods of feed storage like box containers or steel bins or bags.

    Features include

    1, First in First out feed rotation system

    2, Fully protected against vermin attack

    3, Vermin trap can be placed in base of unit for unwanted guests

    4, No more wastage of feed

    5, No awkward bending or lifting

    6, Smartly pull the handle to required amount of feed needed

    7, No Scoop or Shovel required, No more losing scoop as you don’t need 1

    8, Resistant to rust and corrosion compared to steel bins

    9, 10 year plus life span

    10, Keys supplied lockable

    11, Washable before refilling new feed smartly wash down

    12, Feed can be weighed out with scales placed given the correct amount

    13, Moblie unit or can be fixed to ground or pallet

    14, Fully Waterproof

    15, Outdoor and Indoor usage

    16, Taking feed from the bottom not the top

    17, The Smart Hopper Feed Bin ensures that you don’t end up with stale, damp feed as with most traditional methods of feed storage like box containers or steel bins

    18, The Horse shoe design is to place the bucket into preventing any waste of feed.

    19, No more reaching down to grab at the last remaining feed at the bottom of feed bags or box containers

    20, The sloping top lid is set at a comfortable height which makes it easy when topping up your feed

    21, The Smart High Hopper Feed Bin has keys supplied lockable lid.

    22, Lid feature allows for one handed operation and prevents accidental lid closure when being used.

    23, Loading from should hight with ease as lower units can cause backache when filling.

    24, 5 minute assembly required keeping shipping cost to a low cost,

    25, Deliver team fills the smart bunker and teams reclaim the bags for future usage helping the environment, As the plastic bags our being placed in black bins going to landfill

    26, Storage bins and bags set on the ground as damp rises crating condensation inside the bin or bag The condensation has NO where to go but soak into the feed. This result is you are feeding your Animal soggy Feed

    27, Test your own Animal feed storage, When the bin is empty in the morning rub your hand along the inside to feel the wetness, Smart Bunker is 2 feet of the ground

    28. Fully tested by CAFRE collage

    29, Overfeeding or spillage of 2 tablespoonfuls of feed a day multiply by 365 days of the year can add to 10 bags of feed wasted, How much are you spending on 1 bag of feed



    30, Meals on Wheelies VIDEO on website

    Specification size Assembled


    Size D,730mm W,830mm with Handle 1230mm up to 200kgs depending on feed size.

    Simple would you eat from a Dirty bowl ? Don’t think so, Don’t expect your Animal too



    Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 09.38.29
    Feed in a barrel steel bin or plastic bag sitting on the ground damp rising crates condensation that soaks into feed,
    Feed then feed to your Animal
    if you see this it’s is a problem
    Smart bunker has the solution using the oldest feed first
    find out more to get a healthy Animal not a VET BILL

  4. Government Could Restrict Sale Of Fuels For Domestic Fires

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    SB vs Coal storage
    Selling wet wood as a fuel for household heating could be prohibited under new plans announced by the government on Friday (17th August) to tackle particulate air pollution.

    Coal needs to be stored right click as seen on video see the problem and see the solution, Smart Bunker

    wet fuel can contribute as the fuel heats up water vapour evaporates up the chimney triggering the sulphuric acid reaction on the exposed liner.

    Coal bunkers sitting on the ground with damp rising crates condensation were the coal at the bottom is wet or damp as you have to shovel from the bottom

    Important information you need to know about your flue liner manufacturers also now state that their guarantee will become void if petrochemical fuels are burnt.

    The ban is among the measures set out in a call for evidence which sets out further plans for legislation on the burning of solid fuels like wood and coal, following on from the launch of the government’s Clean Air Strategy this summer.

    DEFRA says the burning of wood and coal in the home is the largest single contributor to particulate matter pollution – and has been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the most damaging air pollutant.

    Domestic burning contributes 38% of particulate matter pollution, compared with 16% from industrial combustion and only 12% from road transport, it is claimed.

    The consultation proposes a series of measures aimed at reducing particulate matter emissions from domestic fuel combustion, including restricting the sale of wet wood for domestic burning, applying sulphur standards and smoke emission limits to all solid fuels and phasing out the sale of traditional house coal.

    The government has said it will also ensure that “only the cleanest stoves” are available for sale by 2022.

    Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey, said: ”Everyone has a role to play in improving the air we breathe, and reducing pollution from burning at home is a key area where we can all take action.

    “While we will never be able to eliminate all particulate matter, by switching to cleaner fuels, householders can reduce the amount of harmful pollution to which they unwittingly expose themselves, their families and the environment, while still enjoying the warmth and pleasure of a fire.”


    Additionally, the government is keen to see a move away from using traditional house coal towards using less polluting fuels in domestic applications by only allowing the sale of smokeless coal (or anthracite) and low sulphur manufactured solid fuel.

    Plans for a standard for solid fuels with a sulphur content of below 2% and a smoke emission limit of 5g/hour to be applied nationwide also form a part of the consultation – which would extend requirements currently in place in smoke control areas, across the country.

    The consultation notes: “Government intends to implement a nationwide sulphur and smoke standard through a certification process. All solid fuel suppliers would be required apply for certification of their products as meeting a 2% sulphur limit and 5g/hr smoke test. A clear logo would be required on all packaging showing that the product was approved. This would be supported by audit, random testing and Local Authority enforcement.”