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Wood Pellets Storage Solution

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If you buy bagged wood pellets from us…how do you store them? Throw the bags in the garage, leave them out in the garden, or under a protective shelter that protects them from rain? It is essential that you store your wood pellets in a dry condition to get the best results. Ideally keep your bags indoors in the garage or shed.

HETAS Approved and Balcas  approved  Product Smart Bunker prevents condensation keeping your wood pellets dry making it the perfect storage solution for wood pellets. The Smart Bunker also protects your Burner/ Boiler as condensation can cause moisture ingress into wood pellets which can badly damage your burner/ boiler.

Storing them in the house/garage can be troublesome. They take up space that you may need; or cause worry in the event of a fire. Here at Balcas Energy we want to ensure you get the best results from burning our wood pellets, in safety. We have considered the issue of storing wood pellets in domestic situations and looked at various solutions. We have also created a special page based on wood pellets storage and you can read it here.

We would also like to introduce you to a smart innovative way to keep your pellets dry and safe – the SmartBunker™.


  • Keeps Wood Pellets DRY
  • First in First out Wood Pellet Rotation
  • Waterproof & Damp Proof
  • 2 Keys supplied with Lockable Lid
  • Easy to Dispense System
  • Assembled in less than 5 minutes
  •  Manufactured from medium density UV resistant polyethylene
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor use
  • Strong and robust
  • High impact strength
  • Cannot rust or rot
  • Colours: Black or Blue
  • Capacity:Stores up to 200kg
  • Dimensions: Length 830mm x Width 730mm x Height 1200mm
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    Product Description

    What is the SmartBunker™?

    The SmartBunker™ is a strong waterproof UV-resistant polyethylene storage bunker. It does not rust or rot. It stands upright, allowing secure dry storage, easy filling and dispensing for up to 200kg of our pellets. Bending and lifting are reduced to a minimum. And you can throw away the shovel.

    How does the Wood Pellet Smart Bunker Storage Solution work?

    More about the Smart Bunker
    technical award certificate of commendation 2017SmartBunker® has a unique easy to operate dispensing mechanism. Simply place bucket inside, then pull handle downwards to release the wood pellets. Very little force is required. As you let go, the handle returns automatically and flow into the bucket stops. SmartBunker® can be easily carried through a standard doorway in its packed form – this allows it to be used even in places with limited access. SmartBunker® is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

    6 reviews for Wood Pellets Storage Solution

      4 out of 5


      Storage of wood pellets is excellent, no problems with rain or condensation (or wildlife).

      5 out of 5


      Incredible design and super smart. This makes life so much easier in the yard along with keeping food fresh, clean and accessible! We use this for horse feed and for salt for the winter. Such a time saver to just let the feed flow out into a bucket. It’s a sturdy quality design and I couldn’t do without it.

      5 out of 5

      (verified owner):

      This has proved to be a fantastic piece of kit – in fact, an absolute gamechanger. I use my smart bunker in the French Alps where many of us use pellet stoves. I have two and the constant lugging and opening of bags of pellets is a pain, and frankly messy. With the bunker, however, it’s a doddle – just fill up once a week and then you’re good to go. The height is easy to lift the pellets bags into and one quick slash with a knife or scissors and they are in the hopper. MIne holds at least a dozen bags and thereafter the mechanism is easy to control the flow. Another issue with using individual bags every day is that on opening them you dust everywhere – with the pellet hopper this is much reduced. My hopper is in a storage room, but am considering moving it outside as our local dealer will even deliver and fill it up weekly.
      Overall, I’m super impressed and delighted with my purchase.

      5 out of 5

      (verified owner):

      Super design and easy storage of wood pellets.Great buy and would recommend to anyone with quick and easy release of pellets with just a pull of a lever.Super easy to fill a bucket and the Smart Bunker keeps the pellets perfectly dry.

      5 out of 5

      (verified owner):

      I bought a pellet bunker a couple of years ago and I’m so happy I did. It was super easy to assemble , it keeps the pellets dry despite the wet weather and the release lever is so practical . When I get my supply of bags I just empty them in the container and voilà So happy with it I just bought a second one ! Highly recommended.

      5 out of 5

      (verified owner):

      The smart bunker arrived just after two. All in place now. It was great to talk to you, and for you to show such care for you customers. Many thanks for the great service.

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