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More about The Smart Bunker For Storing Animal Feed

How it works?

SmartBunker® has a unique easy to operate dispensing mechanism. Simply place bucket inside, then pull handle downwards to release the meal. Very little force is required. As you let go, the handle returns automatically and flow into the bucket stops.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ? Animal Feed storage bin or barrel's or plastic bags, sitting on the ground crates condensation and damp, Resulting in mouldy feed that is feed to your Animal

Equine Technologist Green-Mount Campus TESTING RESULTS Below

SmartBunker maintain's a high level of hygiene due to low levels of mould and yeast growth.

Storing feed in metal dustbins is not recommended due to the likelihood of condensation (first project) development and an increased moisture content that can promote mould and yeast growth.

Storing feed in plastic feed bags with no other protection did not reduce feed hygiene in this study however it is not recommended due to the unstable environment within the plastic bag and the potential for vermin to contaminate feed with faeces and urine.


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