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The Best Animal feed storage

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More about The Smart Bunker For Storing Animal Feed

The Best Animal feed storage, whether it is for your farm animal or family pet, the smart bunker has an easy to dispense lever, keeping animal feed dry, fresh (first in first out), and vermin proof.


  • First in First out Feed Rotation
  • No Scoop required
  • Feed can be weight out
  • No Waste of Feed
  • Tested by Food & Agricultural Education & Training College
  • 2 Keys supplied Lockable Lid
  • Vermin Proof
  • Waterproof & Damp Proof Storage
  • Easy to Dispense System
  • Assembled in less than 5 minutes
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor use
  • Wash down, refill healthy feed
  • Bolted to ground or pallet or on wheels
  • Manufactured from medium density UV resistant polyethylene
  • Strong and robust
  • High impact strength
  • Cannot rust or rot
  • Colours: Black or Blue
  • Capacity:Stores up to 200kg
  • Dimensions: Length 830mm x Width 730mm x Heigh

How it works?

SmartBunker® has a unique easy to operate dispensing mechanism. Simply place bucket inside, then pull handle downwards to release the meal. Very little force is required. As you let go, the handle returns automatically and flow into the bucket stops.


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