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Folks Summer SALES! ending in 1 weeks time 1st September Folks

The Smart Bunker Storage solution Coal. Salt & Grit, Wood pellets, Animal Feeds,

Re: Important Price Notification

We continue to experience significant inflationary pressures, coupled with materials that are having a direct impact on our costs.We are disappointed to have to inform you of these ongoing constraints. We as a business have now reached a position where we are unable to continue to absorb these unplanned cost increases.

We have no other options but to increase our cost of the smart bunker Get your order placed NOW as we have limited stock left,

When this is gone the new cost will have to be applied Again thanks for your understanding and look forward to your order

🔥The Smart Bunker is here!

The solution to the problem There’s a new, award winning product that’s sweeping across homes, yards and farms throughout Ireland and the UK.

Our Smart Bunker is a well manufactured solution to storing solids for total peace of mind. It provides compact, secure and weatherproof storage solutions

.🔥It’s called the Smart Bunker and it’s changing the way coal is handled and wood pellets and Animal feeds are stored

🔥Why?It makes struggling with coal and bagged wood pellets and Animal feeds a thing of the past. Gone are the days where you had to shovel out coal or handle bags of wood pellets, and scooping out Animal feed Instead a quick pull of the handle and your coal or wood pellets or Animal feed is dispensed in a quick, effortless way. The Smart Bunker stores produce at the high level ensuring produce is Safe and Dry

Here’s the top 5 reasons people are in love with the Smart Bunker…1️⃣ No Shovel or Scoop Required 2️⃣ No More Mess or hassle, No more Waste 3️⃣ Protects your stove & flue liner from wet coal or wood pellets4️⃣ Safe Feed Healthy Animals, First in First out, Feed Rotation System 😸🐕5️⃣ Waterproof & Vermin proof outdoor or indoor Storage

To find out more about why these Smart Bunkers are becoming so popular, all information by clicking the link below👇👇👇

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