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Animal Feed Storage Bin 1iew
Customers review near 7 years later having a smart bunker that’s still going strong with another smart bunker on it’s way

Deborah Kieboom placed order with a reply to say thanks and how or where she had seen the smart bunker.

Hi Niall,

I found you because l already have a smartbunker and it works so well for animal feed, I wanted to get another to replace the salt/grit bins I was using up to now…

Animal health visited me a few years ago and the chap was so impressed he was taking pictures to show colleagues and would also recommend to other smallholders..

I asked when or where did you buy the smart bunker

Am not sure where I got it, might have been on ebay when you were in early days maybe 2013.

I have my current one set up to do a mix of grains for my poultry, but the new one will be to hold feed for my goats. It will free up a ton of floor space in my feed area…and less likely for the goats to raid it as well if they break out as I tend to leave the lid up on the grit bins when I am tired lol.

Can I have a blue one please, I will keep poultry food in black, and goat feed in blue…

It is me confusing matters by talking about grit bins… these were my old storage system… but they arenโ€™t very practical and hold stuff in the bottom, plus it isnโ€™t a first in first out (FIFO) system which is much better for keeping feed dispensed within expiry dates etc.

Your bins are great because they fit the FIFO principle, and I hang a clipboard near for expiry/lot numbers of feed bags. Dry, no vermin can get in and the other thing I have noticed is no condensation. Much smaller footprint compared to the giant bins I was using before.


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