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🔥 DON’T BURN WET FUEL Photo showing the problem and the smart solution.

Wet fuel can contribute as the fuel heats up water vapor evaporates up the chimney triggering the sulphuric acid reaction on the exposed liner.

Coal storage or bags sitting on the ground creates condensation where the coal at the bottom is wet or damp as you have to shovel from the bottom

.🔥 Important information you need to know about your flue liner manufacturers also now state that their guarantee will become void if petrochemical fuels are burnt.

🔥 The Smart Bunker is here! Our Smart Bunker is a well manufactured solution to storing solids for total peace of mind. It provides compact, secure and weatherproof storage solutions

.🔥 It’s called the Smart Bunker and it’s changing the way coal is handled and wood pellets are stored

🔥 Why?It makes struggling with coal and bagged wood pellets a thing of the past. Gone are the days where you had to shovel out coal or handle bags Instead , a quick pull of the handle and your coal is dispensed in a quick, effortless way. The Smart Bunker stores produce at the high level ensuring produce is Safe and Dry

Here’s the top reasons people are in love with the Smart Bunker…

1️⃣ No Shovel or Scoop Required 2️⃣ No More Mess or hassle, 3️⃣ Protects your stove & flue liner from wet coal 4️⃣ Keeps fuels Dry 5️⃣ outdoor or indoor Storage

To find out more about why these Smart Bunkers are becoming so popular, all information by clicking the link below👇👇👇

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