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Customer, Complains why the cost of the smart bunker has gone up!Hi I am just curious about your prices, re £19 difference from last week to this week and stating winter prices. We are just two days into autumn yet or two days out of summer. I had planned on buying one as a Xmas gift but was waiting for my wages to come into my account today and was a bit shocked at the price increase in a couple of days.

Mary Hello

Mary Yes, i know and we are very sorry about this increase We did try to advertise to our new and old customers this increase was on the way We did increase our price by £19 with no choice but to increase the cost of manufacturing and the cost by the delivery company of the smart bunker. Even to post a stamp now! costs £0.95p for stamp then the envelope £0.05 Totaling £1 to post it The Smart bunker is 2ft by 2ft with a 5 min assembly, We designed the smart bunker like this to keep shipping cost to a low, but like the stamp cost As we hear and see everyday the cost of materials and fuel have jumped from 50% to 100% or more.

All companies have been trying to survive getting thought covid then brexit then the war not sure what one Yes Gas and Oil and Electric soaring through the roof, but we still still need them to manufacture the smart bunker and the cost is passed on to us!

Yes, people are looking at alternative options to heat their homes. from renewable coal to wood pellets,When they do this they will not be relying on the 3 players in the marketplace that have rules homes for years Time for charge

We have been recommended by HETAS for coal and wood pellets, Also Balcas energy for wood pellets, plus Animal feed companies as they delivery to your door and fill the smart bunker taking the bag back and reusing it, Helping the world at the same time This is also creating more work for them IE creating more jobs

Mary hope this helps

Thanks Niall

The Smart bunker PS, Our post on increase price of £19 below That’s it Folk’s Last day to place your order before Price Rises Re: Important Price Notification

We continue to experience significant inflationary pressures, coupled with materials that are having a direct impact on our costs.We are disappointed to have to inform you of these ongoing constraints.We as a business have now reached a position where we are unable to continue to absorb these unplanned cost increases.We have no other options but to increase our cost of the smart bunker Get your order placed NOW as we have limited stock left, When this is gone the new cost will have to be applied Again thanks for your understanding and look forward to your order The Smart Bunker Storage solution Coal. Salt & Grit, Wood pellets, Animal Feeds,

🔥The Smart Bunker is here!

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