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This Christmas it’s all about Giving to someone you love

Give them a smart present that they can use all year round

The Smart Bunker is here! The solution to the problem Coal. Salt & Grit, Wood pellets, Animal Feeds, There’s a new, award winning product that’s sweeping across homes, yards and farms throughout Ireland and the UK.

Our Smart Bunker is a well manufactured solution to storing solids for total peace of mind. It provides compact, secure and weatherproof storage solutions.

🔥It’s called the Smart Bunker and it’s changing the way coal is handled and wood pellets and Animal feeds are stored

🔥Why?It makes struggling with coal and bagged wood pellets and Animal feeds a thing of the past. Gone are the days where you had to shovel out coal or handle bags of wood pellets, and scooping out Animal feed

Instead a quick pull of the handle and your coal or wood pellets or Animal feed is dispensed in a quick, effortless way. The Smart Bunker stores produce at the high level ensuring produce is Safe and Dry

Here’s the top 5 reasons people are in love with the Smart Bunker..

1️⃣ No Shovel or Scoop Required 2️⃣ No More Mess or hassle, No more Waste 3️⃣ Protects your stove & flue liner from wet coal or wood pellets 4️⃣ Safe Feed Healthy Animals, First in First out, Feed Rotation System 😸🐕5️⃣ Waterproof & Vermin proof outdoor or indoor Storage

To find out more about why these Smart Bunkers are becoming so popular, all information by clicking the link below👇👇👇

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