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  1. Hello Folks Sorry about this News,

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    But between Brexit, Borders, Covid, Materials they are all playing their part for price increases. Due to the increase in materials over the past few months we’ve no choice but to increase the price of our products as from 1st of March they will go up by 10%. Delivery charges increase as well, will also have to be applied

    Beat the price increase and order yours smart bunker now Option 2, pay monthly help spread the cost Thanks again

    The Smart bunker the storage solution for Coal, Animal Feed, Wood Pellets, www.thesmartbunker.co.uk www.thesmartbunker.ie

    Ps, If you think Brexit was a great idea ? could you let us know what was good about it ??


  2. Valentine’s Day Perfect Present for Men

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    Survey Done 90% Women said they send their love one out to fill the bucket 10% said nothing because their man was sitting beside them doing the survey. Ladies with the smart bunker Men will be happy to go out and fill the bucket 2 Option now More details click link below www.thesmartbunker.co.uk www.thesmartbunker.ie

  3. Valentine’s Day Present

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    Valentine’s Day
    Perfect Gift for your loved one 
    Coal, Wood pellets, Animal feed, 
    Solving the 100 year old problem
    The Smart Bunker 
    Click link for more details 

  4. Beast From The East 2021

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    Another ‘Beast from the East’ could batter the UK this week as Storm Darcy arrives. Reports claim that it could bring up to 20cm of snow in some parts of the country. Subsequently, the Met Office has issued several weather warnings.Be careful don’t stay outside to long Click link below www.thesmartbunker.co.uk