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  1. BUY ONE Smart Bunker for the Price of TWO

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    BUY ONE Smart Bunker for the Price of TWO and receive a the second Smart Bunker ABSOLUTELY FREE

    T&C’s APPLY
    If only requiring one smart bunker send a email to or call 02843770845
    To get £5 off your order quote the discount code SMART5 Or message us on our facebook page to quote the discount code. Greenans Products limited
    THE SMART BUNKER MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE BUNKERThe World’s Smartest award winning SmartBunker® is a versatile plastic multi-purpose storage bunker which works well for small, regular shaped coal, slack, wood pellets and  Salt Grit, Animal Feeds. The bunker has a unique dispensing system with an easy to use pull arm, which releases the required amount of product with very little force required.The Best Animal feed storage, whether it is for your farm animal or family pet, The smart bunker has an easy to dispense lever, keeping animal feed dry, fresh (first in first out), and vermin proof, No waste of feed. The multi-purpose storage smart bunker is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use!

  2. Smart Present for Christmas

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    Smart Present for Christmas for your love ones fill the bucket to required amount, No Mess, No Hassle, Just pull the Handle
    click link for more info