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  1. Father’s Day

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    REVIEWS Don’t get any better than this
    Eric the Coal Miner

    The Best Inventive gadget your dad will love for Father’s Day
    Making life hassle free
    No more mess around the yard
    No more hassle
    No More shoveling Coal
    Fill the bucket to the required amount

    Coal Miner’s Grandson shows Granddad how to fill a bucket of coal the new way
    3 Generation learning the new way to fill a bucket of Coal
    How smart is this ?
    Nice comments as the smart bunker is making life easier for
    Grandad Eric.
    we’ve tested the bunker out for a good 3 months since we bought in December ðŸ™‚ and let me say it’s been amazing no problems whatsoever, such a time saver and grandad loves it
    Click link below
    Published on Mar 23, 2017
    We have a coal fire, so to save time and energy when getting coal in we bought a smart bunker for our grandad in December 2016, it makes it a lot easier for our grandad to get the coal in rather than having to hand shovel it.
    We’ve used it everyday and not had a blockage or any problems with it, it’s sturdy, holds a fair amount of coal and it’s so easy to use, anybody can use it.
    it’s much faster (10 seconds at least) to fill a bucket just pull the handle down, much easier than wasting time and energy shoveling coal from the coal bunker even worse if its windy and raining, you just want to get the coal in as quick as possible.
    We use it for coal but it can be used with Animal Feeds, Wood Pellets, Coal, Slack and Grit.
    Be smart and get a smart bunker if you use any of the above it saves time and extra effort, keeps the contents dry and safe well worth the money

    Eric Comments
    “In the 28 years as a coal miner, I’ve never seen a better solution to store coal until I got the SMART bunker.””Using the SMART bunker is quicker than shoveling coal, I spend less time out in the cold & more time in the warm house.””At 84 yrs old it’s much easier to get the coal in using the SMART bunker, just put your bucket in, pull the lever and it’s full.””I wish the SMART bunker had been around in 1957 when we got our first coal fire.”

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