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  1. Granny told you Lies

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    When she said wet down the fuel it will last all Night

    Government Warning NO more burning wet fuel Video showing the problem and the solution

    As the door opens the coal runs everywhere and gets WET.you have chase them with a SHOVEL Coal bunkers on the ground the bottom is WET or Damp this is called cold bridging.

    WARNING What it will cost you Wet fuel can contribute as the fuel heats up water vapour evaporates up the chimney triggering the sulphuric acid reaction on the exposed linerSee the solution to the problem, Coal is stored up at a high level preventing damp and cold bridging. As you pull the handle it falls into the bucket NOT around the yard making No mess NO SHOVEL REQUIRED www.thesmartbunker.co.uk

    Government Warning Clink on link https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/feb/21/house-coal-and-wet-wood-to-be-phased-out-by-2023-to-cut-pollutionwww.thesmartbunker.co.uk

  2. GENTLEMEN The Perfect VALENTINE PRESENT for your loved one

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    The Perfect VALENTINE PRESENT for your loved one
    GENTLEMEN………..be careful if you don’t get the smart bunker you could be the 1 going outside!
    READ 1 of our customers reviews
    Hi Niall
    I just wanted to let you know that I eventually persuaded my husband to buy me the Smart Bunker
    It has to be one of the best presents I’ve had. We love it! The coalman loves it. We’ve been showing it off and making the neighbours envious.
    We’ve timed ourselves and we can get from the fire with an empty bucket and back to the fire with a full bucket in 52 seconds lol.
    Thanks again
    Clink link below more details

  3. Lambing Season Starting

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    Nice to get a Review on the smart bunkers

    Lambing Season Starting
    Farmer getting prepared

    click link for more details how smart bunker will save you money and time and get the best results for you Animals

    What I have really enjoyed about the smart bunker is that it is very user friendly. We are a small farm 60 -80 breeding ewes and struggled to fine a feed storage system that was vermin proof, wasn’t a bin, was v user friendly and storage sensible and didn’t mean we had to buy masses of bulk feed. We do not use masses of feed except at key points of the year. The smart bunker has been a godsend at a busy time of year. The ewes look well, the feed is vermin proof and the service was terrific. Delighted. Perfect for us!
    Nicola Daley