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  1. Baby Smart Bunker makes it onto RTE

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    IMG_3496as they are getting ready for the Tullamore Show this Sunday not to be missed.
    It is Ireland’s largest one-day show, averaging 62,000 visitors in recent years.
    See use all soon
    Stands number R332

  2. The Royal Welsh Show

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    The Smart Bunker would like to thank everyone who came to our stand and thanks for your comments on the benefits the smart bunker provides and your orders,

    As people are telling use some new points on the benefits of the smart bunker.
    I said to a customer, If you feed a chicken bad feed you get a Bad Egg 
    His reply, Niall wrong if you feed a chicken bad feed you end up with a bad chicken that won’t lay any eggs
    We will be seeing uses all next year.
    I hope use had a great show as we did Thanks

    The Smart Bunker multi purpose storage with a difference. Animal feed first in first out, healthy animal waterproof, vermin proof fully tested. Coal no shovel required smartly pull the handle to the required amount, Salt and grit protecting your property and business. Wood pellet – keep pellets safe and dry and indoor and outdoor option the smart bunker the solution to an old age problem.