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Have you a multi stove burning coal or wood pellets What they won’t tell you on your Guarantee
This could cost you £1,000 plus hassle Wet fuel can contribute as the fuel heats up water vapour evaporates up the chimney triggering the sulphuric acid reaction on the exposed liner.
Coal bunkers sitting on the ground with damp rising crates condensation were the coal at the bottom is wet or damp as you have to shovel from the bottom Important information you need to know about your flue liner manufacturers
also now state that their guarantee will become void if petrochemical fuels are burnt. So our honest and professional
recommendation is to get yourself a smart bunker and avoid risk of damage that they can do to your chimney or flue this is simply not worth it.

As you well see on the video bunker on the left when the doors opens the coal is everywhere leaving the yard dirty plus the coal has good soaked See the solution plus the benefits, of the smart bunker No shovel required. No Mess No Hassle No wet fuel www.thesmartbunker.co.uk

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